UA-90241941-1 E54 - Blow That S*#% Up with Kate Fenton

E54 - Blow That S*#% Up with Kate Fenton


KATE FENTON is an actor, improviser, content creator, mom, among MANY OTHER things; most pertinent to our conversation however, is how, along with some co-conspirators, she created an IPF trailer for a new webseries called "Band Ladies" in which she, and her fellow book club members get fed up with the mundane and start a punk rock band together.

We talk to Kate about Band Ladies, her theatre company, improv (of course), being a mom and how important it is to appreciate the art you create, even if sometimes, its monetary value only amounts to peanuts.

Kate is a dedicated, hardworking, lovely human being, and we hope her webseries gets made because it sounds like a lot of fun! In the meantime, you can help by watching the trailer for Band Ladies TODAY, liking and sharing it with everyone you know!


Band Ladies Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Kate's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website

Thanks so much for listening & #StruggleOn everybody! 

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