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Wednesday May 08, 2024

Our guest in this episode is mustard and smoked-meat wizard Zane Caplansky, founder of Caplanksy's Deli & purveyor of fine mustards. When Nick had the idea of interviewing a chef to discuss the artistic elements of food and cooking, Zane immediately came to mind. As it turns out, the struggles associated with balancing artisanal meats and mustards and attempting to find balance in life are huge. Six-figure-legal-fees huge.
And yet, Zane is probably the most optimistic and hopeful guests we've had the pleasure of speaking with - and in the current political climate, that doesn't seem so easy to do, right? So, grab some pickles, dip 'em in some tasty Caplansky mustard & enjoy our journey strugglin' on with Zane Caplanksy.
Your Creative Tips
Success & Failure, Cooking, Management, Work-Life Balance, Family
Caplanksy's Deli Website
Caplanksy on Instagram
Nick's Update:
Not writing. :(
Brie's Update:
Improv Niagara celebrates 6 Years!
Fun at Bad Dog's Blockbuster Week
A great time at Oakville Improv
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Friday Apr 12, 2024

The irony of this episode is that Nick's "Word of the Year" for 2024 is EDIT. And it took Brie four months to edit this dang file. Maybe EDIT should have been both our words!
NEVERTHELESS. Here we are. It's 2024. We're the happiest new members of PodCavern. And we're ready to set and tackle our goals in the struggly world of Arts & Entertainment in Canada for this new year. (Aware that we're already in the second quarter of the new year!)
Your Key Creative Tips:
Writing, Editing, Fringe Festivals, Sketch Comedy, Goal Setting, Acting
Nick's Update: 
Word of the Year: EDIT
Writing and Editing Projects
Getting Back to Failure
Brie's Update:
Word(s) of the Season: Patience, Organization, Flow
Acting Level-Up
Big Life Changes
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Tuesday Jan 02, 2024

Jo Anne Tacorda is an actor, improviser, singer and one fifth of the popular sketch comedy troupe Big Chick Energy. In this episode of TCS, Brie and Nick find out what it was like to form a sketch troupe in the thick of Covid, what it takes to be part of the Hallmark "Christmasverse" and great tips along the way about embracing your inner-creative. 
You're going to love Jo Anne's enthusiasm and it'll leave you "pregnant" with possibilities for new creative projects!
Your Creative Tips
Comedy, Improv, Acting, Teamwork
Jo Anne's Instagram
Big Chick Energy's Website
Big Chick Energy on YouTube
Nick's Update: 
Back struggles.
Brie's Update:
Shutting down for the Holidays.
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Wednesday May 10, 2023

***DON'T MISS "Good News Toronto" at Montreal Sketchfest FRI MAY 12th!*** 
Korri Birch is an actor, improviser, comedian, writer, producer, voice-over artist, puppeteer, teacher and self-proclaimed idiot based in Toronto. In this episode, Brie and Nick chat with Korri about his decision to stop producing, writing, and starring in the award-winning monthly news-themed live comedy show "Good News Toronto" and what's next for this multi-talented, ever-collaborative and exceptionally friendly performer.
It wouldn't be #StrugglePod if we didn't mention some of the difficulties faced by a day-job & the never-ending tasks associated with producing live comedy. 
But overall, Korri isn't one to complain. He's one to create. Enjoy!
Your Creative Tips
Comedy, Writing, Producing, Improv, Acting, Stand-Up Comedy, Touring, Collaboration
Korri's Website
Korri's Facebook
Korri's Twitter
Korri's Instagram
Everything Improvised Instagram
Brie's Updates
Detroit Women in Comedy Festival (May 19-20)
Hearsay at Hamilton Fringe (July 19-30)
Nick's Updates
Up to book 3 on preliminary edits.

Saturday Mar 04, 2023

Belynda Thomas is an author of novels (Secrets and Silence, Secrets and Sorrow) and children's book (When Can We Get a Puppy,) a blogger, a visual artist, Toastmaster, wife, mother and consultant to Mississauga Writers Group.  In this episode, Nick and Brie chat with Belynda about writing, self-publishing and owning your artistic dreams. 
We chat about the difficulties making the time to practice your art, and how sometimes it becomes necessary to put things on hold as well as the strength in owning your artistic pursuits.
Your Creative Tips
 Writing, Editing, Self-Publishing, Blogging, Writing Challenges, Public Speaking & Parenting.
Belynda's Blog
Belynda's LinkedIn
Belynda's Books
Mississauga Writers Group
Brie's Updates: 
Catch Brie in Good News Toronto at Toronto Sketchfest.
Check out her new live shows in Hamilton at the Staircase Comedy Cabaret
Sign up for classes at Improv Niagara.
Nick's Updates:
Editing his short story.
Participating in the Mississauga Writers Group

Tuesday Jan 03, 2023

Heather Eyman is a fitness coach and improviser among many other things and in this episode, we see the path Heather took to narrow down on what's important when there isn't enough time to do everything and when you're the kind of person who enjoys the abundance of what life has to offer.
We also ask her advice on how to fix Nick's darn back! Find out what kind of tips she offers Nick, and all of us when it comes to making deposits into your body bank. (That'll make more sense when you listen!)
Your Creative Tips
Health and Wellness, Fitness, Improv, Time Management
Heather on Instagram
Heather's LinkedIn
Heather at Improv Niagara
Heather at Fit Collective
Brie's Updates: 
Fingers crossed for Hearsay at Hamilton Fringe 2023. (Follow @brieanddave)
Nick's Updates:
Stay tuned for book edits and short stories to come!
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Tuesday Nov 01, 2022

Our first episode in over four months! Why the break? Well you'll just have to listen to the episode and find out. HA! Masters of the tease. 
But really, it's a doozy of an episode where Brie & Nick dig deep into some real talk about physical and mental health, motivation, relocation and the whole thing gets a little vulnerable.
It's not all struggle though. There's life. There's travel. There's a mandatory Maron reference! 
Take a listen & let us know if it resonates with your journey.
Your Key Creative Tips
Comedy, Writing, Improv, Stand-Up, Performing, Pain Management, Depression and Anxiety, Goals.
Brie's Update:
Don't miss the remount of End with a Kiss, this December in Hamilton!
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Tuesday Jun 28, 2022

Chicago's Mary Hynes is an improviser, actor, instructor, stage manager and tall lady. In this episode, Mary reminds us of the importance of leaning into and really living our core values as performers, and human beings. She offers tremendous insight into navigating the unsure waters of the performance industry, including her signature Lean Back.

Saturday Apr 30, 2022

All wordplay aside, this is a delightful and informative episode featuring Genevieve (Evie) Jones, playwright, actor, director and mom of Daphne. Evie’s located in the Niagara Region, and chats with Nick and Brie about starting out her artistic career in Niagara, spreading her wings beyond the peninsula and her parents, and the reason for her epic return.
Evie provides us with some deep insight into how the pandemic has been helpful to herself and many artists in finding focus, and the now existing struggle to maintain that focus as the world opens back up. 
Writers will appreciate learning more about the process of writing and producing live plays in Canada and the evolution of the artist in motherhood. 
Your Key Creative Tips:
Writing, Playwriting, Parenting, Theatre, Acting, Directing, Performing Arts in Niagara and Halifax. 
Nick's Update: 
Back pain.
Brie's Update:
Self-tapes galore!
Hamilton Fringe Show = Cast
Teaching a bunch at SC & IN
The Mural at E.L. Crossley
Niagara Artists Centre
Mermaid Theatre
Essential Collective Theatre
Suitcase in Point
Camp Cataract
Theatre Aquarius
FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre
Shaw Festival
More from Evie Jones
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Monday Mar 28, 2022

Rhiannon Archer is a stand-up comic and instructor, a mom of two little dudes and is currently in school training to become a therapist. In this episode Rhiannon chats with Nick and Brie about her formative years, her ADHD diagnosis, and how it impacted her education and career path and how that path has changed now that better resources are available to assist neurodivergent students.
We dive into Rhiannon’s stand-up comedy career and how she’s been able to keep at it while balancing frustrating hours in the television industry, and now with the demands of school, a part time job, a neurodivergent child and another with Autism, how it will look now that her priorities have shifted. 
An amazing discussion about the impact our teachers have on our lives, how the lens of parenting changes our priorities and how amazing things are possible when we take risks and believe in ourselves. 
Your Key Creative Tips:
Stand-Up Comedy, Parenting, Multi-tasking, ADHD, Neurodivergence, Education.
Nick's Update: 
Submitted his submission to the Toronto Star Short Story competition
Editing his books.
Brie's Update:
Directing End with a Kiss at Hamilton Fringe 2022
Travelling to the East Coast this summer.
Lots of shows at Improv Niagara coming up. 
Rhiannon’s Website:
More from Rhiannon Archer
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