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E68 - Put Yourself into Your Work with Sean Browning


In this episode, Nick and Brie chat with science fiction writer Sean Browning, author of “I don’t Seem So Bright in a Well Lit Room” (Story Well Publishing.) We chat about Sean’s process; how he wrote his book and published it with a publishing house that wouldn’t have existed without him!

We learn about how Sean developed his artistry through music, improvisation and sketch comedy, and how that led to the story that would eventually become his first book. 

And it wouldn’t be an episode of #StrugglePod if we didn’t talk about the struggles! We learn about the impact the pandemic has had on Sean’s writing, family-life and self-esteem.

An emotional episode filled with helpful insight for writers, and all creatives.

Key Creative Tips:

Writing, Science Fiction, Parenting, Publishing, Time Management, Mental Health, Comedy, Improv, Music, Playing in a Band, Sketch Comedy, Screenwriting, LGBTQ Allyship, Stay-at-Home Parenting.


Nick's Update: Editing.

Brie's Update: 100 Days of Improv. Now what?




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E67- Caring for Your Community - with Coko Galore


Nick & Brie interview Coko Galore, Artistic & Managing Director of Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto. Though this year's events may have caused the Bad Dog to shut its doors, find out how Coko and her team made a new home for the community with Bad Dog Comedy TV. We ask Coko how she's managed to keep Bad Dog alive and thriving and more inclusive and accessible than ever. 

We learn about how Coko found her place in comedy, how intensely she undertook training and how she finds family in uniting with other Black improvisers from across this continent.

Find out more about the struggles surrounding being in a key leadership position in Toronto's comedy community; and what's needed to push forward to find what's best for Bad Dog performers and audiences.

Key Creative Tips:

Improv, Improv Duos, Improv Training, Theatre Management, Community Leadership, Online Comedy Programming, BIPOC Experience in Improv, Accessibility in Theatre, Racism in the Workplace, and Celebrating Black and Asian voices.


Nick's Update: Filling his tank with fine HBO programming, while procrastinating on his edits.

Brie's Update: 100 Days of Improv & New Time Management system implementation to ensure more writing time!




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E66 - How To Overcome Creative Atrophy with stand-up comic Ryan Dillon


In this episode, Nick & Brie interview stand-up comic Ryan Dillon, who before the lockdown, had big plans for a booked comedy tour of the East Coast of Canada. But when the pandemic hit, all those plans evaporated quickly. We ask Ryan about how a stand-up comic can cope and continue working on his craft in a time where live shows are no longer possible. 

We learn about how Ryan got into comedy, about how he uses comedy to heal painful wounds from the past. 

Find out more about Ryan’s writing process and some of the ways he manages audience expectations.

Key Creative Tips:

Writing, stand-up comedy, performance, starting out in Comedy, finding your Voice, performing on Zoom, performing with anxiety & depression, setting and achieving goals. 


Nick's Update: Submitting his short story by mail to the Toronto Star’s short story competition.

Brie's Update: 100 Days of Improv &  news from The Second City.


Thanks for listening. 

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E65 -2020 Year in Review or Keep Your Horse Moving Forward


Find out about Nick Watson & Brie Watson's creative Year in Review in this host-cast edition of The Constant Struggle Podcast. 

Nick chats about the processes he's put in place to streamline is writing, and how they've been helpful in other areas of his life.

Brie recaptures the year that was and starts 2021 off on the right foot with a new and exciting piece of news.

The episode is sponsored by Improv Niagara and don't forget to check out Apocalypse Chronicles if you're into spooky end-of-the world stories (I mean... now's the time!)

Let us know your goals for 2021 and remember #EatLocalandStruggleOn

E64 - Florian Francois’ Hunt for the Great Ping Pong Table


FLORIAN FRANCOIS is a bilingual, dual citizen (France-Canada) actor, producer, writer & improviser. Florian spoke with Nick & Brie from the comfort of his home-recording closet about his journey working in a big marketing firm in Paris to hitchhiking across Canada, ultimately discovering his calling as an actor. We chat networking, collaboration and of course improv! We talk about Florian's main source of work during Covid and his hopes and challenges looking to the future. We discuss the struggles of feeling like an outsider when you're an immigrant in a country, especially in an industry with specific limitations when it comes to the way people speak. What we're left with is a highly quotable and very motivating chat about making the things you want to make.

Be sure to check out Florian's Bell Fibe TV series Rencontres & FOR SURE check out his music video for Le Mec du Grill from his slam poetry / hip hop star days. 

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#StruggleOn Strugglies! 

E63 - Tuong La’s Podwarts School of Podcraft & Poddery


TUONG LA is the creator of Podcavern podcast network. He's a podcaster extraordinaire, improviser, photographer, videographer, editor & new homeowner. Tuong chatted with Nick & Brie over Zoom about how the evolution of his first podcasting project (BroCoolNation) to his current podcast empire; PodCavern. We chat improv; his beginnings at the Improv Embassy in Ottawa, his move to the Making Box in Guelph and his palpable hatred of The Bat. We chat about the struggles of managing creative projects when your team isn't all on the same page, as well as the daunting task of self-promotion. Overall, it's a silly trek filled it LOLS along the way. Oh, and speaking of Trek, it'd be foolish if we didn't mention our own adventure on Tuong's podcast: RANKED: (Top 5 Science Fiction Technology.)


Be sure to check out Tuong's Podcavern. Your new favourite podcast may lie within! 

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#StruggleOn Strugglies! 

E62 - Ophira Calof: Bubbling Like Champagne


OPHIRA CALOF is a multi-talented, multi-disciplined and multi-disabled comedian and performer based in Toronto, who's past productions "Generally Hospital" and "Literally Titanium" are challenging the status quo of disability and theatre. Ophira chatted with Brie and Nick over Zoom about her introduction to performance by way of opera, her transition to comedy thanks to a "multi-class discount" and her desire to #cripthescript wherever possible, making theatre more inclusive for both performers and patrons. 

Don't miss Ophira's bi-weekly relaxed talk-show Slumber Party on Bad Dog TV.

You can Follow Ophira on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


E61 - The Struggly Days of Summer


NEW THEME SONG DAY! This is the first episode to feature our new, original theme song created for us by Dan Dingwall. Brie thinks it's great. But she's a little biased. Let us know what you think!

This episode was recorded in the beginning of Phase 2 of the re-opening period in Ontario, so technically Nick & Brie could have met up in person, but we're finding Zoom is just WAY more convenient! Just one of the many number of things we're learning during the global pandemic that's been having such a huge impact on our lives and the world in which we live. Hurray.

In the meantime, we chat progress. As in, are we making any? Is the art still happening? The answer MAY surprise you. Let's just say, "what's the point of being a comedian when you can't hear people laugh?" 

E60 - Writing in the Time of Covid


***SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven't seen Jojo Rabbit, there's a pretty big spoiler in this episode. Skip ahead when we start talking about (around 28:30) it if you don't want to ruin a major detail about the film. Same with The Lighthouse, although I feel less so, given the nature of the spoiler.

It's Mother's Day in this second socially distanced episode of TCS and the siblings chat about their respective artistic projects. Nick's rebounded and back to editing his horror novel, and Brie found new scheduling techniques to get her back on track editing her original sitcom pilot and is going strong with online improv teaching and performance.

The two take time to address their respective passion-hobbies; golf & gardening - both of which have been affected by closures & that dang polar vortex (which has since gone away, hooray!)

We're chatting writing, journaling, editing & problem solving this episode. Cancelled travel plans, anxiety, alcohol consumption, introverts vs extroverts & all the hard-hitting questions like "Is it actually possible to use the bathroom at Tim Hortons right now?"

All this and more. Just #StruggleOn

E59 - The Socially Distant Struggle


IN THIS EPISODE, Nick and Brie catch up on the artistic struggles they're currently facing now that social distancing is in effect in Ontario to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Are they getting more work done now that they have more time on their hands because they aren't allowed to leave the house? Is the creative process abound with inspiration as this global pandemic permeates all aspects of daily life? Just how many episodes of Better Call Saul can Brie binge-watch? Tune in, find out and #StruggleOn. 

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