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E43: Jason Loo - The Comic Artist Toronto Needs


JASON LOO is the creator of The Pitiful Human-Lizard, a working-class superhero defending the city of Toronto. Now in its' 16th issue and a part of the Chapterhouse, Jason talks to Nick and Brie about what it's like being a comic book artist in Toronto and creating a superhero who is quintessentially Canadian, all while maintaining a full-time job at a local library. He tells us about the recent onboarding of Chapterhouse's new Chief Creative Officer; Jay Baruchel (ever heard of him?) Jason also shines a light on the Canadian superhero renaissance we're currently seeing. Recorded at the Northern Belle bar (pardon the background noise,) this was a wonderful chat about comic books and Canada. After all, as Loo puts it: "We need to stop looking down south. Canada needs our own role models," of which Jason has now become one of our own.

Buy your copies of the Pitiful Human-Lizard at Chapterhouse.

Check out Jason on Twitter and The Pitiful Human-Lizard on Twitter & Facebook

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Nick & Brie

Making It All About Janet Davidson


JANET DAVIDSON is an improvisor, actor & Second City instructor who's just gone on an epic journey of self-discovery to Vancouver and is returning to Toronto with a brand new perspective. Nick & Brie caught up with Janet one evening in the Second City Training Centre to find out more about Janet, her passion for both playing and teaching improv, her struggles with dyslexia and hypersensitivity, and her ongoing mission of raising up the women in the improv community. With chats about travel, mental health and the woes of online dating, you won't want to miss this episode that is ALL ABOUT JANET, even though she'd prefer it wasn't.

Follow Janet on Twitter: @MissJanetDavids

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E41 - See Shit, Do Shit & Eat Shit with Moniquea Marion


MONIQUEA MARION is an improviser, character actor and YouTube creator embarking on a new project, in which she plans to travel across British Columbia on her motorcycle and document her experiences along the way in a webseries. Nick and Brie caught up with Moniquea shortly before leaving on this adventure to talk comedy, career and ego-checks. With fun chats along the way about foodieism, travel and real-talk about burn-outs, failures and our inability to celebrate achievements, it's a wild ride into Moniquea's creative journey you won't want to miss. 

Follow Moniquea on her BC journey on Twitter: @moniqueamarion

Check out her incredible Moniquea Marion 365 project on YouTube

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E40 - WatsonCast


It's a hostful episode, folks! This time, Brie interviews Nick about how his book is coming along as well as his new sugar/gluten-free lifestyle and Nick interviews Brie about how she just LEFT HER JOB FOR A YEAR to pursue her comedy FULL TIME!  So yeah... lots of ground to cover.

Tune in and check in with the hosts of the Constant Struggle's constant struggles!



E39 : Dina Senior: Daytime Vampire


DINA SENIOR: Improviser, Actor, Voice-Actor, Improv Teacher, Daytime Vampire.

DINA talks to Nick and Brie about being a performer in the Niagara Region and the plethora of opportunities that exist in the thriving community theatre scene. She talks about her struggles finding the time to realise her creative goals while juggling a full-time job as well as her side-businesses in fermented health food (like kombucha,) & soap-making. Dina's also jazzed about her latest project; a new improv group called "Niagara Improv" with monthly shows in the Niagara Region. 

Find out more about Niagara Improv on Facebook: Niagara Improv

Follow Dina on Instagram: @thebathbombshell


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E38: Comedy Cramming with Camille Côté




CAMILLE CÔTÉ talks to Nick & Brie about finding her voice in stand-up comedy, her style of writing as well as her experiences in the Toronto comedy scene. She opens up about a heckler who attacked her personal values at a Hamilton club and dishes about the inside scoop working in a hair salon to pay the bills and to balance her life as a hustling stand-up comic.

Follow Camille on Instagram: @coteandscarf

E37: BAXO & the Aluminati



BAXO (visual artist) talks to Nick & Brie about his signature artistic style "Aluminism"; how he discovered it and how he creates masterful pieces that look vastly different depending on how it's hit by the light. He also talks about what it's like to be an artist in Welland and the Niagara Region, where a thriving arts community is growing as well as the balance of art and lifestyle. 


E36 - Matt Schmid Wants to Win You Over


In  our latest episode, we chat with Matthew Shmid, all the way from Philedelphia, PA! Matt was in Toronto recently for the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival and we caught up with him to chat about some of the #struggles involved with being sketch comedy writer and performer in the USA.

We discover how Matt came to comedy performance; his slew of bizarre and sometimes abusive side hussles, and the cost of traveling around the country performing.

We also find out what it's like to be in a sketch duo / romantic duo in The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jaquie. 

And we also unearth Matt's love of our great Canadian sketch forefathers; the Kids in the Hall.

Tune in & enjoy our episode with our first "designated American!"


Brie & Nick

E35 - Live from Sketchfest with Vance Banzo & Dave Barclay


This edition of TCS was recorded LIVE at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival and featured an interview with emerging sketch comedian Vance Banzo & 10-year veteran of the scene, Dave Barclay.


We talk about the #struggles involved all throughout a sketch comedian's journey. Or at least, the first 10 years of it.

E34: Always Be Juggling with Candace Meeks


In this episode, we chat with the lovely and talented Candace Meeks; improviser, sketch comedian & contributor to many other creative projects, like two webseries & multiple other comedy projects.

Candace talks to us about the difficulties in balancing many projects, a day job, relationships all while trying to figure out what makes her happy. 

Keep an eye out for her latest monthly serialized improv show: Quadruple Mountain

Listeners in the US can check out her sketch show LOL LOL Land at the Orlando Fringe Festival in April.

Follow Candace on Twitter: @bettyimprov

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