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E51 - Happy Twenty Nine-Tea!


Nick & Brie talk about their creative goals for the New Year. And about a few of their other goals, side-hustles and hobbies. Get on board, we're READY for 2019!

E50 - Be Kind to Yourself


Our 50th episode (YAY!) has a recurring through-line, the need to treat yourself kindly. Be it with mindfulness, therapy, legal weed or swimming in Lake Erie in October, Nick & Brie talk about the ways to take care of ourselves when we're not feeling our best. We also update everyone on our creative progresses and challenges and take a few fun departures along the way. Like to Golfton-sur-mer!

E49 - There’s Always Struggles


Nick and Brie catch you up on the artistic goings on of the summer months. For Nick, it's trying to find the time to edit his latest project in between his kids' baseball games and his newfound obsession with golf. Brie's out and about with improv from Toronto to Niagara, with new projects hatching all over the place and old ones finally wrapping up. Thanks for listening & #StruggleOn everybody!

E48 - Erica Sherwood’s Big FIGHT!


ERICA SHERWOOD is an actor and filmmaker from St. Catharines, Ontario who's latest project FIGHT! premieres next month on Jun 22nd with a fabulous red carpet screening event in the heart of downtown St. Catharines. Erica helped create the film, in which she also stars, produces, creates foley as well as MANY other things. Erica is a strong promoter of Niagara's growing film industry and hopes that with films like FIGHT along with her not-for-profit Jarico Films for Youth, which aims to build leadership skills and confidence through film for Niagara's youth, will help motivate filmakers to stay in Niagara to create and maintain sustainable careers in the film industry.

Erica takes us through the creation of FIGHT from its inception through to its current editing stage and fills us in with incredibly helpful knowledge about filmmaking, screenwriting and barenuckle boxing along the way.

Find out more about FIGHT and get your tickets today at 

Follow Erica on Instagram at @sherwood & @jaricofilms & @enpointecreative & @fightfilm

E47: Lacie Williamson & the Dunnville Renaissance


LACIE WILLIAMSON is a visual artist, comedian and event/community planner galore based in Dunnville, Ontario. Recorded in the back room of Lacie's LVW Creative Barracks, a building she purchased in Dunnville's historic downtown to create a space where she could paint and encourage others to create art, Lacie spoke to Nick & Brie about life as a full-time artist in a town with, shall we say, less than progressive views, politics & ideals.

Lacie takes us back to her roots in Dunnville, to her forray in journalism and event planning, into full-time artistry and the amazing achievements she made along the way that helped heal a community in great need of change. From producing an 11-hour rock concert at 15 years old for the town, to her contining work administrating the River Arts Festival, Lacie takes us on a journey into the history of Dunnville, her process as an artist and advocate for social change and her passion for comedy all while struggling to balance both artistic and financial freedom. 

Listen to this interview with this incredible force of nature & follow her on her various social networks too!


Lacie Williamson

Instagram: @lacievdub

Twitter: @lacievdub

LVW Creative Barracks, Art Studio & Gallery

Facebook: LVWART

Instagram: @barracksbythegrand



E46: One Foot in the Forest with Jess Grant


JESS GRANT is an improviser and improv teacher living in Toronto. Originally from New Brunswick, Jess takes TCS on a journey through her discovery of improv through to her process of using physicality to inspire her amazing scenework along to how the rules of improv helped her through her treatment of Hogkin's lymphoma.

With a clean bill of health, she reflects on some of the clarity she discovered on her journey through cancer treatment and how overcoming it helped her face some of her other fears and self-doubts; like taking the big leap from improv to stand-up comedy and the written word!

This episode is enlightening and insightful and we're so happy to feature such an incredible human being on our show. Listen and be inspired by the incomparable Jess Grant.

Thanks for listening & #StruggleOn

Brie & Nick

E45: Write Better with Clint Murphy


Clint Murphy is a sci-fi screenwriter living in Toronto with his wife and two daughters. He recently made it to the 2nd round in an HBO-sponsored one-hour original pilot contest at the Austin Film Festival, where he returned with a wealth of knowledge and insight he was happy to share with TCS.

Clint spoke to Nick and Brie about his writing and structure processes, about the art of pitching and the benefits of watching it firsthand, and he gave us a little preview into his exciting future projects, which lead to an insightful commentary about the representation of race on TV. 

Clint has many awesome writing, producing and directing projects on the go and it doesn't look like he plans on slowing down anytime soon. His episode has everything you need to get the writer in you motivated and excited about tackling your new project (or projects!)

Check out Clint's Facebook Page or Follow him on Twitter to keep up with his awesome new projects!

Thanks for listening & #StruggleOn

E44: The Constant Struggle’s 2017 Year in Review


#SPOILER ALERT!  In this episode, we talk a BUNCH about Star Wars : The Last Jedi. So if you haven't seen it yet, we're warning you ahead of time.

Everyone's saying 2017 was a garbage fire, and in many ways it was.

But creatively, for Nick and Brie, things seem to be headed in the opposite direction. Slowly, but surely we're seeing progress on our creative fronts. So this episode focuses on our creative accomplishments in 2017; be they finishing the first draft of a novel (WHAT!) or landing a dream job at comedy-Hogwarts (what-whaaat?)

We also chat about our struggly-creative goals for 2018. How can we keep this progress going? 

Well, it certainly helps that you listening and engaging with us along the way, and we thank you ever so much for that. So take a few moments, celebrate your 2017 accomplishments and join us in continuing the creative struggle in 2018. 

Be safe out there & #StruggleOn!


Nick & Brie

Follow us on Twitter: @StrugglePod

E43: Jason Loo - The Comic Artist Toronto Needs


JASON LOO is the creator of The Pitiful Human-Lizard, a working-class superhero defending the city of Toronto. Now in its' 16th issue and a part of the Chapterhouse, Jason talks to Nick and Brie about what it's like being a comic book artist in Toronto and creating a superhero who is quintessentially Canadian, all while maintaining a full-time job at a local library. He tells us about the recent onboarding of Chapterhouse's new Chief Creative Officer; Jay Baruchel (ever heard of him?) Jason also shines a light on the Canadian superhero renaissance we're currently seeing. Recorded at the Northern Belle bar (pardon the background noise,) this was a wonderful chat about comic books and Canada. After all, as Loo puts it: "We need to stop looking down south. Canada needs our own role models," of which Jason has now become one of our own.

Buy your copies of the Pitiful Human-Lizard at Chapterhouse.

Check out Jason on Twitter and The Pitiful Human-Lizard on Twitter & Facebook

Thanks for listening & #StruggleOn!

Nick & Brie

Making It All About Janet Davidson


JANET DAVIDSON is an improvisor, actor & Second City instructor who's just gone on an epic journey of self-discovery to Vancouver and is returning to Toronto with a brand new perspective. Nick & Brie caught up with Janet one evening in the Second City Training Centre to find out more about Janet, her passion for both playing and teaching improv, her struggles with dyslexia and hypersensitivity, and her ongoing mission of raising up the women in the improv community. With chats about travel, mental health and the woes of online dating, you won't want to miss this episode that is ALL ABOUT JANET, even though she'd prefer it wasn't.

Follow Janet on Twitter: @MissJanetDavids

Thanks for listening & #StruggleOn!

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