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Wednesday Nov 04, 2020

TUONG LA is the creator of Podcavern podcast network. He's a podcaster extraordinaire, improviser, photographer, videographer, editor & new homeowner. Tuong chatted with Nick & Brie over Zoom about how the evolution of his first podcasting project (BroCoolNation) to his current podcast empire; PodCavern. We chat improv; his beginnings at the Improv Embassy in Ottawa, his move to the Making Box in Guelph and his palpable hatred of The Bat. We chat about the struggles of managing creative projects when your team isn't all on the same page, as well as the daunting task of self-promotion. Overall, it's a silly trek filled it LOLS along the way. Oh, and speaking of Trek, it'd be foolish if we didn't mention our own adventure on Tuong's podcast: RANKED: (Top 5 Science Fiction Technology.)
Be sure to check out Tuong's Podcavern. Your new favourite podcast may lie within! 
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Monday Sep 07, 2020

OPHIRA CALOF is a multi-talented, multi-disciplined and multi-disabled comedian and performer based in Toronto, who's past productions "Generally Hospital" and "Literally Titanium" are challenging the status quo of disability and theatre. Ophira chatted with Brie and Nick over Zoom about her introduction to performance by way of opera, her transition to comedy thanks to a "multi-class discount" and her desire to #cripthescript wherever possible, making theatre more inclusive for both performers and patrons. 
Don't miss Ophira's bi-weekly relaxed talk-show Slumber Party on Bad Dog TV.
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Friday Jul 10, 2020

NEW THEME SONG DAY! This is the first episode to feature our new, original theme song created for us by Dan Dingwall. Brie thinks it's great. But she's a little biased. Let us know what you think!
This episode was recorded in the beginning of Phase 2 of the re-opening period in Ontario, so technically Nick & Brie could have met up in person, but we're finding Zoom is just WAY more convenient! Just one of the many number of things we're learning during the global pandemic that's been having such a huge impact on our lives and the world in which we live. Hurray.
In the meantime, we chat progress. As in, are we making any? Is the art still happening? The answer MAY surprise you. Let's just say, "what's the point of being a comedian when you can't hear people laugh?" 

Sunday May 17, 2020

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven't seen Jojo Rabbit, there's a pretty big spoiler in this episode. Skip ahead when we start talking about (around 28:30) it if you don't want to ruin a major detail about the film. Same with The Lighthouse, although I feel less so, given the nature of the spoiler.
It's Mother's Day in this second socially distanced episode of TCS and the siblings chat about their respective artistic projects. Nick's rebounded and back to editing his horror novel, and Brie found new scheduling techniques to get her back on track editing her original sitcom pilot and is going strong with online improv teaching and performance.
The two take time to address their respective passion-hobbies; golf & gardening - both of which have been affected by closures & that dang polar vortex (which has since gone away, hooray!)
We're chatting writing, journaling, editing & problem solving this episode. Cancelled travel plans, anxiety, alcohol consumption, introverts vs extroverts & all the hard-hitting questions like "Is it actually possible to use the bathroom at Tim Hortons right now?"
All this and more. Just #StruggleOn

Monday Mar 30, 2020

IN THIS EPISODE, Nick and Brie catch up on the artistic struggles they're currently facing now that social distancing is in effect in Ontario to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Are they getting more work done now that they have more time on their hands because they aren't allowed to leave the house? Is the creative process abound with inspiration as this global pandemic permeates all aspects of daily life? Just how many episodes of Better Call Saul can Brie binge-watch? Tune in, find out and #StruggleOn. 

E58 - Nick & Brie's 2019 Review

Thursday Feb 20, 2020

Thursday Feb 20, 2020

OK, so we're a little behind. But you know what? Better late than never, that's how the saying goes. In this REVAMPED episode of TCS, Nick & Brie go back to the roots of the podcast and chat sans guest. Why? It's just easier that way. AND we had lots of catching up to do. Mainly, we chatted about our accomplishments (NaNoWriMo) and epic failures (Welland) of 2019 and set our sights on 2020 to face some new fun creative challenges.

Sunday Sep 22, 2019

GRACE SMITH is a performer, an academic and a damn hard worker. When it comes to the theatre, she's performed it, studied it, written about it and taught it inside and out. She recently performed in her first Fringe Festival tour with her solo show: "Slow Dancing with Mediocre Boys," following the successful run of her ensemble revue "Generally Hospital" at last year's Toronto Fringe. She's fully launched herself into life post-post-grad.
Nick & Brie talk to Grace about education at its many levels - from high school to PhD and stop a few places along the way: horrific childhood bus rides, internal pressures, imposter syndrome, anxiety, loneliness and the struggle of comparison in the age of Instagram. 
All throughout, Grace shows how to check in with yourself to make sure you're on the right track for the right reasons and how to move on with grace (see what I did there?) when what you've been doing no longer lines up with ever-evolving personal goals.
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Friday Aug 02, 2019

DAVID LAHTI is an actor, sketch comedian and wizard living in the heart of downtown Toronto. He's TCS host Brie's partner in their sketch troupe The Utilidors and a graduate of the Conservatory program at The Second City Training Centre.
Nick & Brie have a delightfully silly chat with Dave about his experience growing up in London, Ontario, his struggles finding a place in academia, his pursuit of acting by collaborating in independent films and how came to find comedy.
You'll laugh a bunch in this episode as Dave delights us with stories and struggles of his creative pursuits.
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Sunday May 26, 2019

In Episode #55 of TCS, Brie & Nick chat with Maddox Campbell in Maddox' tent-fort studio in Toronto. MADDOX CAMPBELL (BCS) is an actor, improviser, podcaster, host & so much more. He tells us about his podcasts; Break a Wish, and now-completed Caverns & Comedians, his live shows; Perfect Match & The Know Show, his pub quiz Quizdamonium and his upcoming Toronto Fringe show The Resistance Improvised. He also tells us about the super cool shoot he did a few years back with METRIC. Maddox also opens up about his struggles being recognized as an actor and performer, when for so many of his projects his performing has to take a back-seat for the sake of the production. Join us on this super fun adventure with this VERY busy creator. Oh, and also...
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Keep an eye out for The Resistance Improvised at Toronto Fringe this summer.
Thanks so much for listening & #StruggleOn!

Thursday Mar 28, 2019

KATE FENTON is an actor, improviser, content creator, mom, among MANY OTHER things; most pertinent to our conversation however, is how, along with some co-conspirators, she created an IPF trailer for a new webseries called "Band Ladies" in which she, and her fellow book club members get fed up with the mundane and start a punk rock band together.
We talk to Kate about Band Ladies, her theatre company, improv (of course), being a mom and how important it is to appreciate the art you create, even if sometimes, its monetary value only amounts to peanuts.
Kate is a dedicated, hardworking, lovely human being, and we hope her webseries gets made because it sounds like a lot of fun! In the meantime, you can help by watching the trailer for Band Ladies TODAY, liking and sharing it with everyone you know!
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Kate's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website
Thanks so much for listening & #StruggleOn everybody! 

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