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E37: BAXO & the Aluminati



BAXO (visual artist) talks to Nick & Brie about his signature artistic style "Aluminism"; how he discovered it and how he creates masterful pieces that look vastly different depending on how it's hit by the light. He also talks about what it's like to be an artist in Welland and the Niagara Region, where a thriving arts community is growing as well as the balance of art and lifestyle. 


E36 - Matt Schmid Wants to Win You Over


In  our latest episode, we chat with Matthew Shmid, all the way from Philedelphia, PA! Matt was in Toronto recently for the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival and we caught up with him to chat about some of the #struggles involved with being sketch comedy writer and performer in the USA.

We discover how Matt came to comedy performance; his slew of bizarre and sometimes abusive side hussles, and the cost of traveling around the country performing.

We also find out what it's like to be in a sketch duo / romantic duo in The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jaquie. 

And we also unearth Matt's love of our great Canadian sketch forefathers; the Kids in the Hall.

Tune in & enjoy our episode with our first "designated American!"


Brie & Nick

E35 - Live from Sketchfest with Vance Banzo & Dave Barclay


This edition of TCS was recorded LIVE at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival and featured an interview with emerging sketch comedian Vance Banzo & 10-year veteran of the scene, Dave Barclay.


We talk about the #struggles involved all throughout a sketch comedian's journey. Or at least, the first 10 years of it.

E34: Always Be Juggling with Candace Meeks


In this episode, we chat with the lovely and talented Candace Meeks; improviser, sketch comedian & contributor to many other creative projects, like two webseries & multiple other comedy projects.

Candace talks to us about the difficulties in balancing many projects, a day job, relationships all while trying to figure out what makes her happy. 

Keep an eye out for her latest monthly serialized improv show: Quadruple Mountain

Listeners in the US can check out her sketch show LOL LOL Land at the Orlando Fringe Festival in April.

Follow Candace on Twitter: @bettyimprov

E33: Float On with Allison Dore


In this episode, we chat with comedian & radio host Allison Dore (Ward & Al, SiriusXM Canada) about her struggles navigating and overcoming addiction & depression and we chat career choices (acting, stand-up comedy & radio.)

We discuss healthy ways of battling depression, including our favourite meditation apps and tools for self-care. 

We also go into a bit of a sermon about Canadian television, stand-up comedy and our mutual affection for the TV show Newsradio.

Check it out!




Follow Allison on Twitter: @allisondore | Ward & Al: @WardandAl

Check out Ward & Al on SiriusXM Canada on Channel 167 - Canada Talks:

Download Allison's podcast "Digging In" on iTunes


E32 - Tyler Morgan’s Pie Fingers


This episode features an interview with children's author, sketch comedian and improviser Tyler K Morgan. We talk about his book, "The Big Ball of Mud," his struggles with acceptance, the difficulties surrounding collaboration and the problems of being spread too thin.

We also take a look into Tyler's Winnipeg origin story, his move to the big city of Toronto for comedy and acting, and his recent forray into producing.

A super cool episode with a genuiniely nice dude, check it out & #StruggleOn.


Tyler K Morgan on Twitter:@TylerKMorgan 

E31: 2016 - Year in Review


2016 has been quite the year! Looking back on it, we discover it may not have been as bad as everyone's saying it is. At least, not for these two #strugglas. We were published, saw the birth and survival of new shows and projects, and things seem to be looking up for next year.

Take a listen and let us know what you've got in store for 2017.


Brie & Nick


E30: Ned Petrie’s Comedy Patchwork


In this episode, Nick & Brie chat with comedian, writer & voice-actor Ned Petrie about the voice-work he's done for some awesome animated shows, his many writing projects, and some of the crappy gigs he had to take when he was starting out in the biz. Everything added up together makes up his comedy patchwork; a way to sustain oneself as an artist / comedian  & to keep yourself busy!

Ned's originally from Cleveland, so you're dang right we talk about the election with him.

Tune in for lots of laughs & find out more about our good buddy Ned!

Follow Ned's adventures on Twitter: @NedPetrie

E29 - Alanna McConnell: All About the Wood


In this episode, we chat with Alannah McConnell; a woman of many (hard) hats. We met Alanna while she was a tech at the famous Comedy Bar in Toronto, but while chatting with her, we found out she's a woman of many more talents than finding that perfect at the blow of your improv set.

Take a listen and find out about her work at Canadian Stage, her building projects as well as a sneak peak into some of Toronto's newest interactive theatre.
Follow Alanna's adventures on Twitter: @mcconnellalanna

E28: Hot Showers & Cold Fish with MARC HALLWORTH


Our latest episode is a chat with sketch, stand-up and improv comedian Marc Hallworth as we explore the struggles involved with finding just how little you can survive off in order to pursue your passion.

Marc talks his night and day switches from Bully to Theatre Actor, and from Engineer to Comedian. 

Join us as we navigate the muddy waters of relationships, both romantic and professional with a little insight on what it takes to keep a troupe like Vest of Friends going for 6 years!

Follow Marc on Twitter: @hallworthmarc & join him at Comedy Bar:

November 6th: Drop & Give me 20 
November 10th: Vest Show in Town#StruggleOn

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