UA-90241941-1 E63 - Tuong La’s Podwarts School of Podcraft & Poddery

E63 - Tuong La’s Podwarts School of Podcraft & Poddery


TUONG LA is the creator of Podcavern podcast network. He's a podcaster extraordinaire, improviser, photographer, videographer, editor & new homeowner. Tuong chatted with Nick & Brie over Zoom about how the evolution of his first podcasting project (BroCoolNation) to his current podcast empire; PodCavern. We chat improv; his beginnings at the Improv Embassy in Ottawa, his move to the Making Box in Guelph and his palpable hatred of The Bat. We chat about the struggles of managing creative projects when your team isn't all on the same page, as well as the daunting task of self-promotion. Overall, it's a silly trek filled it LOLS along the way. Oh, and speaking of Trek, it'd be foolish if we didn't mention our own adventure on Tuong's podcast: RANKED: (Top 5 Science Fiction Technology.)


Be sure to check out Tuong's Podcavern. Your new favourite podcast may lie within! 

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