UA-90241941-1 E18 - Gillian English Won’t Back Down

E18 - Gillian English Won’t Back Down


In this episode, siblings Nick and Brie Watson chat with actor and storyteller Gillian English about her upcoming tour of the Australian Fringe Festival circuit with her two one-woman shows: "Drag Queen Stole my Dress" and "Get Around Me".

We talk to Gillian about her love of Shakespeare, her theatrical education and her encounter with Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons. In a discussion about Gillian's storytelling, we learn about a previous trip to Australia, where she was sexually assaulted while representing Team Canada at the Australian Rules Football International Cup. We discuss the prevalence of sexual assault in sport and other domains, the damaging effects of language, and how when all is said and done, Gillian English won't back down.
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