UA-90241941-1 E23 - Find Your Turnip with NATASHA BOOMER

E23 - Find Your Turnip with NATASHA BOOMER


Tuesday was an epic day for the improv community in Toronto. The end of an Era. The last Wheel of Improv ever. We were lucky enough to chat with the creator of Wheel, Natasha Boomer, about closing out this chapter of her life and about what comes next.

We find out about her McDonalds-fueld pre-performance life, her introduction to improv, playwriting and the eventual creation of the Wheel. We chat about her healing journey and her interest in alternative medicine. 

And of course, we talk about her upcoming one-woman show "All Fired Up" which takes place:

Saturday, May 28 @ the SOULO Festival (Red Sandcastle Theatre) AND

From May 31 - June 5 @ Betty's (along with the remounted improv show STUCK)