UA-90241941-1 E43: Jason Loo - The Comic Artist Toronto Needs

E43: Jason Loo - The Comic Artist Toronto Needs


JASON LOO is the creator of The Pitiful Human-Lizard, a working-class superhero defending the city of Toronto. Now in its' 16th issue and a part of the Chapterhouse, Jason talks to Nick and Brie about what it's like being a comic book artist in Toronto and creating a superhero who is quintessentially Canadian, all while maintaining a full-time job at a local library. He tells us about the recent onboarding of Chapterhouse's new Chief Creative Officer; Jay Baruchel (ever heard of him?) Jason also shines a light on the Canadian superhero renaissance we're currently seeing. Recorded at the Northern Belle bar (pardon the background noise,) this was a wonderful chat about comic books and Canada. After all, as Loo puts it: "We need to stop looking down south. Canada needs our own role models," of which Jason has now become one of our own.

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