UA-90241941-1 E44: The Constant Struggle’s 2017 Year in Review

E44: The Constant Struggle’s 2017 Year in Review


#SPOILER ALERT!  In this episode, we talk a BUNCH about Star Wars : The Last Jedi. So if you haven't seen it yet, we're warning you ahead of time.

Everyone's saying 2017 was a garbage fire, and in many ways it was.

But creatively, for Nick and Brie, things seem to be headed in the opposite direction. Slowly, but surely we're seeing progress on our creative fronts. So this episode focuses on our creative accomplishments in 2017; be they finishing the first draft of a novel (WHAT!) or landing a dream job at comedy-Hogwarts (what-whaaat?)

We also chat about our struggly-creative goals for 2018. How can we keep this progress going? 

Well, it certainly helps that you listening and engaging with us along the way, and we thank you ever so much for that. So take a few moments, celebrate your 2017 accomplishments and join us in continuing the creative struggle in 2018. 

Be safe out there & #StruggleOn!


Nick & Brie

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