UA-90241941-1 E46: One Foot in the Forest with Jess Grant

E46: One Foot in the Forest with Jess Grant


JESS GRANT is an improviser and improv teacher living in Toronto. Originally from New Brunswick, Jess takes TCS on a journey through her discovery of improv through to her process of using physicality to inspire her amazing scenework along to how the rules of improv helped her through her treatment of Hogkin's lymphoma.

With a clean bill of health, she reflects on some of the clarity she discovered on her journey through cancer treatment and how overcoming it helped her face some of her other fears and self-doubts; like taking the big leap from improv to stand-up comedy and the written word!

This episode is enlightening and insightful and we're so happy to feature such an incredible human being on our show. Listen and be inspired by the incomparable Jess Grant.

Thanks for listening & #StruggleOn

Brie & Nick