UA-90241941-1 E57 - Grace Smith PhD : The Right Things for the Wrong Reasons

E57 - Grace Smith PhD : The Right Things for the Wrong Reasons


GRACE SMITH is a performer, an academic and a damn hard worker. When it comes to the theatre, she's performed it, studied it, written about it and taught it inside and out. She recently performed in her first Fringe Festival tour with her solo show: "Slow Dancing with Mediocre Boys," following the successful run of her ensemble revue "Generally Hospital" at last year's Toronto Fringe. She's fully launched herself into life post-post-grad.

Nick & Brie talk to Grace about education at its many levels - from high school to PhD and stop a few places along the way: horrific childhood bus rides, internal pressures, imposter syndrome, anxiety, loneliness and the struggle of comparison in the age of Instagram. 

All throughout, Grace shows how to check in with yourself to make sure you're on the right track for the right reasons and how to move on with grace (see what I did there?) when what you've been doing no longer lines up with ever-evolving personal goals.

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