UA-90241941-1 E60 - Writing in the Time of Covid

E60 - Writing in the Time of Covid


***SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven't seen Jojo Rabbit, there's a pretty big spoiler in this episode. Skip ahead when we start talking about (around 28:30) it if you don't want to ruin a major detail about the film. Same with The Lighthouse, although I feel less so, given the nature of the spoiler.

It's Mother's Day in this second socially distanced episode of TCS and the siblings chat about their respective artistic projects. Nick's rebounded and back to editing his horror novel, and Brie found new scheduling techniques to get her back on track editing her original sitcom pilot and is going strong with online improv teaching and performance.

The two take time to address their respective passion-hobbies; golf & gardening - both of which have been affected by closures & that dang polar vortex (which has since gone away, hooray!)

We're chatting writing, journaling, editing & problem solving this episode. Cancelled travel plans, anxiety, alcohol consumption, introverts vs extroverts & all the hard-hitting questions like "Is it actually possible to use the bathroom at Tim Hortons right now?"

All this and more. Just #StruggleOn

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