UA-90241941-1 E61 - The Struggly Days of Summer

E61 - The Struggly Days of Summer


NEW THEME SONG DAY! This is the first episode to feature our new, original theme song created for us by Dan Dingwall. Brie thinks it's great. But she's a little biased. Let us know what you think!

This episode was recorded in the beginning of Phase 2 of the re-opening period in Ontario, so technically Nick & Brie could have met up in person, but we're finding Zoom is just WAY more convenient! Just one of the many number of things we're learning during the global pandemic that's been having such a huge impact on our lives and the world in which we live. Hurray.

In the meantime, we chat progress. As in, are we making any? Is the art still happening? The answer MAY surprise you. Let's just say, "what's the point of being a comedian when you can't hear people laugh?" 

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