UA-90241941-1 E25 - Getting Odd with Holly & Alli

E25 - Getting Odd with Holly & Alli


In our latest episode, we chat with Holly Wyder and Allison Harris, writers & actors of the Fringe play "Getting Odd". With Fringe in full-swing here in Toronto, we find out about the Fringe play writing process, long-distance writing partnerships, the importance of a good team.

We find out about this team's background in musical theatre & chat about their future performing as a duo.

We talk about some of the Fringe shows we've seen to date, some of the struggles Fringe artists and comedians face (like flyering, ick!), but most importantly, we talk about "Getting Odd."

Getting Odd is a play about two women stuck in a cabin in the woods. One has been publicly shamed and ran away from society. She'd been gone three years when the other comes to find her.

Find out more about this wonderful work of theatre by listening in, and more importantly GO SEE THE SHOW:

Director: Emma Ferrante
Written by: Allison Harris and Holly Wyder
Fight Choreographer: Erin Eldershaw
Dramaturg: Ryan Hughes
Stage Manager: Phoebe Elisha Holst
Lighting Designer: Chin Palipane
Sound Designer: Glen McCann
Poster Design: Shane Patrick McClurg

#StruggleOn everybody!