UA-90241941-1 E53 - Improv is the New Punk with Joe Amero

E53 - Improv is the New Punk with Joe Amero


JOE AMERO is done with punk rock. His path has shifted quite a bit since his days in SOFA; he's now a social worker, a father of two, and a Hamiltonian. More importantly to the podcast, he's an improviser. You can find Joe improvising everywhere in Toronto! He trained at The Second City Training Centre, his troupe Pepperoni Pizza Cats perform monthly at the Social Capital Theatre, and with the Assembly, and he's now a Featured Player at the Bad Dog Comedy Theatre. 

We talk to Joe about improv. About his love of improv, who he was before finding improv, and how much of an impact improv has had on his life. That's right, this is an improv episode. Buckle up.

Truly, Joe is an absolute delight of a human being, an incredibly funny guy and a tremendous improviser. It was wonderful to catch up with him in his basement in Hamilton, and we think that'll be obvious in this wonderful earhole adventure.

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