UA-90241941-1 E47: Lacie Williamson & the Dunnville Renaissance

E47: Lacie Williamson & the Dunnville Renaissance


LACIE WILLIAMSON is a visual artist, comedian and event/community planner galore based in Dunnville, Ontario. Recorded in the back room of Lacie's LVW Creative Barracks, a building she purchased in Dunnville's historic downtown to create a space where she could paint and encourage others to create art, Lacie spoke to Nick & Brie about life as a full-time artist in a town with, shall we say, less than progressive views, politics & ideals.

Lacie takes us back to her roots in Dunnville, to her forray in journalism and event planning, into full-time artistry and the amazing achievements she made along the way that helped heal a community in great need of change. From producing an 11-hour rock concert at 15 years old for the town, to her contining work administrating the River Arts Festival, Lacie takes us on a journey into the history of Dunnville, her process as an artist and advocate for social change and her passion for comedy all while struggling to balance both artistic and financial freedom. 

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